Klasi Covers

are fitted covers designed with the show dog enthusiast & dog groomer in mind!

~ Fitted covers stay in place while blow drying your dog
~ Dense terry cloth fabric absorbs excess moisture and keeps your table dry
~ Klasi Covers keeps your dogs paws free of conditioners and sprays
~ Custom Embroidery advertises your favorite breed, dog or kennel
Klasi Covers are also available at 3 C's Pet Supply.
The Koat Tamer

The Koat Tamer is PVA Fabric (Shammy) overlayed with velour terry cloth. The purpose of the Koat Tamer is to use damp adding weight to critical areas of your dogs coat that you wish to keep close to the body. Use on the puppy that has excess rolling, use on the the neckline to produce a smooth finish, the waist line to create more waist, the rear to weigh down waves in the coat, etc.

The approximate measurement is 10" x 45" and rolls up easily to store in your tack box.

All Koat Tamers come with your Kennel Name or Paw Print in the same Vibrant Royal Blue & Royal Purple as my Klasi Covers.

$45.00 which includes kennel name embroidery.
Available in the following sizes and colors

TOY (18 x 30)

STANDARD (24 x 36)

LARGE (24 x 42)

Colors vary - contact us for more information!
Kool Coats

These Kool coats stay cooler than traditional cool coats because I have overlaid the PVA Fabric (Shammy) with a variety of vibrant cotton fabrics. I have chosen my fabric overlays carefully to appeal to a wide range of personal tastes as well as venues. You can choose from the elegant fabrics with glitter , a vibrant batik or perhaps a camo fabric for the working dog. A must for every dog, in every venue, to keep them Kool and comfortable!

Professional Handlers currently using my Chill Out Kool Coats are:
Laurie Jordan-Fenner, Kevin Chestnut, Ellen Cottingham,
Pam Sage & Randy Shepper, Shea & Tiffany Skinner

Premade with "Kool Sayings" Embroidery $75.00

Special Orders with your choice of fabric, Kennel Name, Monogram or Dogs Name embroidered in metallic thread $85.00
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Krate Caddies
- extra organization for your set-ups and grooming areas -
keep leashes, collars, bags etc within easy reach.   Click here to see more!
The Klasique Gear  Kaddy!

These grooming buckets are made of heavy canvas, with a hard bottom. It measures approx. 10" tall and 91/2 round. 6 pockets on the outside for all the essentials, combs, brushes, etc. and more than generous room on the inside for water bottles and buckets, towles, etc. The shoulder strap is perfect! It allows your hands to be free for other items, like your dog ;-)

Strap may also be embroidered with Kennel name.

The beauty of these buckets is they fold flat so is perfect for travel.
Don't get caught ringside without one!

Rain Koats!

The perfect Raincoat-Lightweight without sherpa lining.

Price $55.00 for XXL Approx 30"
Price $50.00 for XL Approx 27"
Price $45.00 for L Approx 23"
Price $45.00 for M Approx 19"
Price $40.00 for S Approx 15"
"...Sunday Display Team event the temp was in the high 80s. I would never normally take a dog out for several hours in that sort of weather.  The cool jacket was AMAZING!! I soaked it the night before and put it in a plastic bag in the fridge. Took it to the event in a cool bag with two 2 litre bottles of cold water.  I didn't put it on until after our first performance because I thought it would make her coat wet - amazing but it didn't.  I bet show people love that coat. The coat was much coveted and the stitching admired as better than we usually see.  A woman at the show was selling cool coats - seriously inferior!  Looked just like towelling.  Many many thanks (especially from Gertie!).  I'd also taken a wet cold towel which I lent to Barbara as she had brought her 10 year old dog to work and she was feeling the heat."

Many thanks to you again :)